Hola Wordwall!
I’m Ester Latorre,
uxui ilustradora remote

I believe this position might have been covered already but I still wanted to put my application forward just in case, and with hopes that you may consider me for future positions.

After studying Fine Arts, I moved to London where I lived for 5 years, working at a digital agency called ClearPeople. I then moved back to Madrid, where I’m from, and began working remotely. About a year ago I started working (remotely again) for an agency called Kaleidos as a visual designer.

I really like the job that you’re offering. The variety and playfulness of the projects, the balance between design and illustration, as well as the notion of working for a product that I believe to be important are the key elements for that. I think I can help you take your product to the next level because of my solid experience as a UI Designer, my love and craft for illustration and my soft skills as a remote worker.

I have more than 7 years of experience in the field of UI Design, having worked for a variety of clients, such as Rolex, Decathlon, Bank of England, Korn Ferry… which have helped me craft my skills in the field and developed a process and a structure, where I’ve had to create, maintain and develop design systems, at an agile pace and caring about the user needs.

My passion is illustration, which I’ve exercise at work for marketing assignments in several occasions, but that I’ve mostly developed in my free time working on personal projects as you can see in my portfolio. I will let my style explain for itself 🙂

In addition to this, my experience working remotely is extensive, as I’ve been full-remote for over 3 years and I consider myself to be an independent worker with established routines.

As a result, I have a love for joining interactivity and illustration to create digital projects that people can have fun with, and I honestly think I would be a great addition to your team, and from what I’ve seen online I would be thrilled, feeling like the environment would motivate me truly, given the nature of the projects and the combination between UI and illustration.

Please, have a look at my portfolio and my CV

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Ester Latorre