Hola, Vaan!
I’m Ester Latorre,
uxui ilustradora remote

I studied Fine Arts in Madrid, and after spending a year in Milan specializing in design, I moved to London where I worked for 5 years at ClearPeople, a digital agency. Three years ago I returned to Madrid, where I’m from originally, and since then I’ve kept working remotely, for Clearpeople at first and for Kaleidos afterwards.

My motivation is to design quality products, useful to people, intuitive and beautiful, and although my main focus has always been on UI, I’ve played an active role in the UX side of the process very often, translating ideas into more tangible things, sketching, wireframing screens and prototyping them.

During these years I’ve had the opportunity to work with different clients such as Rolex, Bank of England, CMS… Last year Korn Ferry was awarded the Nielsen Norman Awards 2020 to “best intranet of the year” for FUSE. I was the lead visual designer for the project.

I would also like to mention my love for illustration, which I always use when developing personal projects, as you can see on my website. I also learnt html & css languages which have taught me to design within the boundaries of web technologies.

I would love to be a part of your team, and I think my profile fits very well with what you’re looking for.

Please find my CV here and my portfolio