Hola Superside!
I’m Ester Latorre,
uxui ilustradora remote

My name is Ester. I’m a designer and illustrator with 8 years of experience currently working remotely for a company called Kaleidos as a Visual Designer.

After studying Fine Arts in Madrid, I moved to London to work for ClearPeople, a digital agency where I spend 6 years designing for a wide variety of clients like Rolex, Travers Smith and Bank of England, always communicating in English.

I believe my agency experience, mixed with my illustration skills and my artistic background, makes me a great candidate for joining your team. Let me explain why:

My experience as a designer at digital agencies has allowed me to develop processes and a structure that let me work independently and care about the user’s and client’s needs. Also, I’ve always supported marketing and comms with design and illustration, helping the brand move forward.

I’ve too worked on several personal projects that are heavily focused on illustration  (like my animal letters, the character generator, etc) as well as on different freelance assignments.

As you can see in my portfolio, I have a strong love for mixing interactivity, illustration and playfulness to create things that people can connect with, always aiming to get the right message across. And for all of those reasons I really hope you can find in me a good match for your team 🙂

Please find my CV here and my portfolio.