Hola, ManyPixels!
I’m Ester Latorre,
uxui ilustradora remote

I saw your job advert on FlexJobs and I wanted to put my application forward. I am very interested in your proposition and feel my skills and experience would be ideal for your company!

Firstly, my name is Ester Latorre, and I am a graphic designer and illustrator based in Madrid, Spain. I do both traditional graphic design, illustration, and UI for web and digital design. I have advanced skills in the Adobe suite, Sketch, Invision, Figma and Procreate.

I have been working remotely with agencies in the UK and Spain for the last 3 years, after returning home to Madrid and after living and working at digital agencies in London for 5 years.

Currently, I am working full-time remotely for an agency called Kaleidos, and for over a year I’ve predominately been working on one project for a client, and I miss the variety and pace of projects that I feel a company like yours could offer me. Hence why I am applying!

During my time working at digital agencies in London, I specialised in UI design and illustration working on many different types of projects with lots of different clients, from Rolex watches to Travers Smith the law firm to The Bank of England to name but a few. Last year, the Nielsen Norman Group awarded Korn Ferry with “best intranet of the year” for FUSE. I was the lead visual designer for the project.

I really enjoyed the variety and mix of work, from new business to marketing to branding and UI design. 

Working in an agency environment gave me structure and training on how to do design professionally and work well as a team and has set me up for working remotely as the location of my workplace has changed.

I am very confident in managing my own time and hitting deadlines, whilst working on multiple projects and clients. 

I think this opportunity with a cool start-up like yours would be perfect for me, I hope you do too!

Please find here my CV and my portfolio