Hola, Bending Spoons!
Soy Ester Latorre,
uxui ilustradora remote

I’m Ester, an illustrator and Product Designer based in Madrid, currently working remotely for a company called Kaleidos. I lived and worked in London for 5 years, so my English skills are full professional proficiency.

I studied Fine Arts (I spent a year at the Academia di Belle Arte di Brera as part of an Erasmus program) and during the past 9 years I’ve been working as a Visual designer.

I’m currently working remotely as a product designer for a company called Kaleidos, helping shape Penpot, an open source, web-based design and prototyping tool. Right now, I’m reworking the UI of the tool, and I would be more than happy to show you given the opportunity.

Prior to that I worked in London at a digital Agency called ClearPeople, where I designed projects for a wide variety of clients, such as Rolex, Fred Perry… In 2020 Korn Ferry was awarded the Nielsen Norman Awards to “best intranet of the year” for FUSE. I was the lead visual designer for the project.

These experiences have allowed me to develop a process and a structure, at an agile pace that let me work with independence, always collaborating with developers to ensure optimal solutions always caring about the user and client’s needs

This product design experience, mixed with my illustration skills and my artistic background make me feel I’m an optimum candidate for BendingSpoons, given the amount of care and love you put into your products.

As I wish you can see in my portfolio, I have a love for joining interactivity, illustration and playfulness to create things that people can easily and seamlessly interact and have fun with, That’s what I love the most about this profession and I honestly think I would be a great addition to your team.

I hope to hearing from you and that you like my portfolio 🙂

Ester Latorre