Hola Atom!
I’m Ester Latorre,
designer ilustradora remote

I studied Fine arts, and afterwards, I moved to London where I worked for 5 years at ClearPeople, a digital agency. Three years ago I returned to Madrid, where I’m from originally, and since then I’ve kept working remotely, for Clearpeople at first and for Kaleidos afterwards.

What really interested me about the offered position is the focus on illustration, the variety and playfulness of the images I would be creating, as well as the notion of working for a product that can have an impact. I believe I can make a great contribution to the product because my two areas of expertise make a great mixture for this role: 

– My illustration style, that combines whimsy and playfulness with interactivity to create images that people can have fun with.

– My experience in the field of UI Design, which I believe have helped me develop a structure that illustration can benefit from enormously, with a thinking process that involves components, very beneficial for potential motion graphics.

I would love to be part of your team. Please find my CV here and my portfolio.

Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂


Ester Latorre