Office 365 intelligent workspace

Atlas is a next-generation, intelligent workspace that allows simpler and faster access information. It facilitates communication and collaboration by allowing users to contribute easily, and in a nutshell, get work done.

Atlas is a modular intranet designed to fit a variety of clients.
User research was conducted, combined with UX best practice and user feedback from previous client work such as: Rolex, Travers Smith, Korn Ferry, Alzheimer’s Society and many others.

Office 365 technology underpins Atlas to provide a ‘fabric’ that brings together the best that Microsoft has to offer into one place. Atlas overlays this with a beautiful UI and human-centred UX to centralise the multiple tools and systems relevant to the individual user.

Atlas has been optimised for desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Users are just one click or swipe away from their core apps and critical information.

Branding is important to clients. It helps users recognise their workspace. Atlas adapts to every client. Colours and fonts can change by tweaking a small number of variables (primary and secondary font; primary and secondary colour), resulting in a branded intranet.

Atlas offers a number of innovative features:

Add It

Add It allows users to easily contribute a range of content types to the intranet easily. Users are able to tag it appropriately so everything is easy to find. Opening up contribution to more people means that users are more invested in their intranet, therefore, increasing adoption.


The tour is an essential tool for easing the transition and increasing adoption when a new system is delivered. It can be configured to any page allowing clients to educate their users on the benefits that the new site provides.


Preferences is a feature which allows users to tailor the content they see, decluttering the intranet so they can find information that is meaningful to them, fast.


Connect allows admin users to create ‘micro-sites’ easily and in less than 30 minutes. Traditionally, users would need technical SharePoint knowledge to do this, taking them a day and half to get them up and running.